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Create YouTube Content on Skeepers


Establish your credibility as a product reviewer and land your dream YouTube partnership with the Skeepers app.

Get started by connecting your YouTube account to Skeepers. You only need to do it once, and you’re good to go. We’re breaking down the steps on how to do it below.

To start:


Make sure you have completed the registration process for the Skeepers app. Once you are in the platform, click

Add social account button


Before linking your YouTube account to Skeepers, verify you meet the requirements listed in your dashboard, and pictured to the right. If you do, click Add button


Connect Your YouTube
Account to the Skeepers Platform

Step 1

Open the “My Social Networks” tab on Skeepers.

Step 2

Click on “Connect my YouTube” (top right) or click on “Add” (button).

Step 3

Sign in to your YouTube account, and click on “Authorize.”

Step 4

Fill in this information: Number of followers and number of likes. Click on “Done” and return to the social accounts page to verify that everything works well. Your account will say it’s “pending”, so our team can moderate and validate it. You are one step closer to activating your YouTube account and participating in gifting campaigns with your favorite brands!

In order to participate in campaigns, you must give Skeepers permission to access your YouTube videos. It is also important to share the statistics that appear on your YouTube account and update them regularly to help you land the best campaigns for you.


Note: at Skeepers, we do not sell your content or personal data.

You’re Done!
Apply for YouTubes Campaigns Now


As soon as your YouTube is officially connected, you can participate in some amazing campaigns.

Apply for Campaigns With Our Amazing Brand Partners


After you’ve been accepted to our platform, you’ll have access to see which campaigns are a fit for your interests and audience. Apply for a campaign using one of your credits. The brand then determines if it’s a fit on its end. When it’s a match, you’re on your way to working with one of your dream brands and receiving free products.

How to Participate in Campaigns

Apply for a Campaign to Review Products

Apply to participate in campaigns directly on our platform. If accepted, you’ll be sent products or services to test. In our platform’s store, you will discover which campaigns match your profile. There could be opportunities to test products and services in the fashion, beauty, food, technology, and more categories. Apply for the ones you’re most excited about!

Reminder, Read the Brand’s Brief

When you are accepted to participate in a campaign, we will send you the product to test at the address saved in your account. The brand also provides guidelines and expectations for the campaign, which you can find in the store. Click on any campaign to learn more about what the brand is looking for in that campaign, and remember to incorporate these elements into your review.

It’s Time to Create and Share Your Review

Once you receive the products, test them so you can give an honest review. Then, go to the campaign in Skeepers, draft your post, and follow the steps to publish your content. You have 21 days to publish your post, so be sure to pay attention to the deadlines. Thanks for participating!