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Write a Review on Skeepers

We buy and use many products in our daily life. To make better purchasing decisions, we value reading reviews from other people. Skeepers offers you the chance to do just that. Choose a product, test it, and share your experience with others by participating in our amazing campaigns! Below is a step-by-step guide on how to write reviews on the Skeepers app.

5 Simple Steps to Kickstart Your
Campaign Journey:


From Registration to Posting Your Review

Step 1

Complete the registration process

Step 2

Fill out your personal profile

Step 3

Find a campaign to apply to

Step 4

Read the brief and follow the directions from the brand

Step 5

Post your review and receive your credit back

How to Participate in Campaigns

Apply for a Campaign to Review Products

Apply to participate in campaigns directly on our platform. If accepted, you’ll be sent products or services to test. In our platform’s store, you will discover which campaigns match your profile. There could be opportunities to test products and services in the fashion, beauty, food, technology, and more categories. Apply for the ones you’re most excited about!

Reminder, Read the Brand’s Brief

When you are accepted to participate in a campaign, we will send you the product to test at the address saved in your account. The brand also provides guidelines and expectations for the campaign, which you can find in the store. Click on any campaign to learn more about what the brand is looking for in that campaign, and remember to incorporate these elements into your review.

It’s Time to Create and Share Your Review

Once you receive the products, test them so you can give an honest review. Then, go to the campaign in Skeepers, draft your text, and follow the steps to publish the review on the determined platform. You have 14 days to post your review, so be sure to pay attention to the deadlines. Thanks for participating!

Product Reviews from Our Community


I LOVE this leave in conditioner! My hair is so straight and I curl it almost everyday. This gives a good shine and my hair feels moisturized and smooth. A good prep for before hair drying or curling it!


This Dyson Airstraight straightener is so cool! I love how this can dry wet hair without using hot plates! Amazing technology and a smart way to have a natural straight hair look without hot plates!


I received this complimentary from Sol de Janeiro, This body wash smells so good! I love the formula and although it’s really scented it doesn’t irritate my skin. My skin feels smooth and well moisturized after. I would definitely recommend to others to purchase.