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Influencer Academy

Become an expert in content creation utilizing our resources. After joining our community, you’ll have access to our academy. This includes best practices for campaigns, working with brands, and creating fresh content for different social media, video, and writing platforms.

Discover Our 2023 Guides

Learn the latest social media features and trends in our guides and calendar.

  • TikTok 2023 Guide

    TikTok is a social network with a very particular algorithm, and it can be hard to know what is going to resonate. This guide reveals all of our tips for breaking into TikTok and creating content exclusively for it. No matter if you’re already an influencer, hoping to create a new account, or just grow your reach, this guide has helpful information.


    You’ll also find an interview with TikTok user, @masbtr (over 20,000 followers), in which she shares her success story and best advice with you. Download this free guide so you don’t miss a thing!

  • Instagram 2023 Guide

    Stay up to speed on all things Instagram in this helpful guide. Find content ideas and savvy tips on how to make the most of Instagram in 2023. Just like our TikTok guide, we have content for established influencers, newbies on the scene, and everyone in between. Download it now to take advance of this free advice.

  • 2023 Content Creator Calendar

    Never miss a holiday or social media movement again. Here, we’re sharing the key dates of 2023 in this calendar! 🚀Having this information available will make it easier for you to create seasonal, trending content throughout the year. Use these dates and moments to create content for diverse social networks from Instagram to YouTube and TikTok. It even works for traditional blogs. Download it now before another holiday passes!