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Why Choose Skeepers

Skeepers is a platform that connects influential content creators with prestigious and indie brands to collaborate on campaigns promoting products and services. The result is authentic content that performs across social media platforms. Plus, you can grow your following and have the opportunity to build relationships with your dream brands.


Discover the benefits of joining Skeepers and being part of our global community. Learn how to collaborate with dream brands and execute high-quality, authentic content.

The Benefits of the Platform

Build Relationships With Incredible Brands — All in One Place

Centralize all of your campaign collaborations, get access to your favorite brands, discover new ones, and build strong partner relationships—all on the same platforms. Receive new products to test and review in a seamless process. Plus, build your own following and exposure, as brands can repurpose your original content on their social media channels.

Join Campaigns That Match Your Interests and Community

We offer campaigns that span diverse industries! Choose from categories including beauty, fashion, wellness, home, and food. Behind the scenes, we take the time to vet and propose campaigns that make sense for the brand and influencer. Find the ideal campaign for you and your audience!

Strengthen Your Relationships With Brands

As part of our community, we provide you with access to join exclusive campaigns and get noticed by top brands. We’ll advise and guide you on how to create successful content and build strong brand relationships. This can lead to more frequent, long-term collaborations, as well as true brand ambassador opportunities.

Don’t wait any longer

Receive Complementary Products in Exchange for Your Reviews!

Apply to campaigns you’re excited about. If accepted, you’ll receive free products and services to test. Then, create authentic content for the brands. Here are some of the brands you could work with:

  • Philips

    With Philips Hogar you will be able to explore some of their household products (kitchen, coffee, vacuum cleaners, ironing, etc

  • Estee Lauder

    Obsessed with beauty? Learn about our newest campaign with Estée Lauder.

  • L'Oréal

    Leader in beauty, the L'Oréal group, has brands that work with us, including CeraVe, Yves Saint Laurent, and Lancôme.

Don’t wait any longer


Join our amazing community, test top products, and work with incredible brands. Grow your own following by creating authentic content and participating in our campaigns.